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Welcome to the blog. Here You'll find ideas, inspiration, and opinions about data-driven leadership. Be a next-level leader with data, because better data will lead to better business.
Antti SuikkanenDec 12, 2023 4:41:36 PM3 min read

Few words about strategy

The strategy should be the guiding force of organizational leadership to direct the daily ...
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Antti SuikkanenApr 26, 2023 10:43:30 AM3 min read

Being data-driven is all about people

In today's business, data-driven leadership has become increasingly important. Gone are ...
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Markus LehtoApr 19, 2023 10:30:18 AM4 min read

What should every leader understand about data and human behavior?

The business world is data-driven but run by people. That’s why it is important for a ...
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Markus LehtoMar 24, 2023 11:09:56 AM3 min read

What should a leader know about leading with data?

As companies become more data-driven, it's important for modern leaders to be able to ...
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Markus LehtoMar 2, 2023 3:38:27 PM3 min read

How to be a better leader with leading indicators?

In sports, it’s simple, there are agreed measures to compare your results. But how to ...
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Markus LehtoJan 26, 2023 10:10:28 AM4 min read

How to Be a Data-Driven Leader?

Data-driven leadership is not only a trend but a must-have approach for organizations. ...
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Markus LehtoJan 18, 2023 4:52:59 PM2 min read

How to Select the Right Data-Driven Leadership Tool?

How to find, store, analyze, and make decisions on the relevant data with limited ...
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Markus LehtoDec 19, 2022 2:17:18 PM3 min read

This is Prioritio

Data-driven management brings businesses a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, 98% of ...
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Antti SuikkanenDec 8, 2022 12:17:18 PM4 min read

The Crystal Ball for the Board

The use of data and a data-driven approach in the board's work can be beneficial to the ...
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Antti SuikkanenNov 30, 2022 3:13:07 PM3 min read

Strategic Development of a Supply Chain

There are many elements to building a great relationship and partnership. Here are some ...
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