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Markus LehtoDec 19, 2022 2:17:18 PM3 min read

This is Prioritio

Data-driven management brings businesses a competitive advantage. An MIT Center for Digital Business study found that organizations driven most by data-based management had 4% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits.

Nevertheless, studies tell also that there is a huge conflict in numbers when talking about leading with data. 98% of the leaders say they want to lead with data, but only 2% do.

To fix this conflict we came out with is a SaaS tool to enable better data-driven management. It answers many of the biggest challenges of leading with data:


  • How to collect relevant data to learn the correlation between improvements and financials?
  • How to interpret the KPIs and metrics to get better short-term and long-term results?
  • How to easily involve your people in the development?


Leadership is taking responsibility

Leading with data is important because being a leader is hard. Taking responsibility for the well-being of a company and its employees is a demanding job. A responsible leader wants to gather as much relevant info as possible to back up her decisions. Intuition just isn’t enough for her.


World history is full of catastrophic mistakes made by intelligent and experienced leaders who knew their stuff.


Bad leadership has a huge impact on businesses all over the Globe. According to Gallup, the cost of poor management approaches 9% to 10% of the whole world’s GDP. And Forbes study found that 65% of employees would rather have a new manager than a pay rise. DDI estimated that 57% of employees quit because of their boss.

So, many indicators are telling the same story over and over again. Leadership is broken. It would be tempting to blame the leaders. They should do a better job. But what if the problem is more complex than that?


New Rules of Leadership Needed

Maybe old models of leadership simply don’t work anymore. Just post-Covid hybrid work has changed the game tremendously. Leading a hybrid or full online team is something that no one has too much experience from. How do you lead a team that doesn’t meet face-to-face? Many companies have called their staff back into offices just because leading hybrid teams is that difficult. But is that really the only option?



Because of the fast pace of development and all of the recent crises, it seems that some leaders don’t even get a fair shot to succeed. This is where steps in. is designed to give every leader a better tool to develop their skills. is a mirror and a measure of leaders actions


How leaders are doing at the moment and what should they consider doing next on their path to becoming better in what they do. By collecting relevant data, then gives a holistic view of any business to a leader. It gives tools to measure the quality of leadership and to understand better KPIs and key metrics. Simply put, if you’re willing to roll your sleeves, will tell you where to start and what to do next.

The current moment at any company is a result of how well the job was done 6-12-18 months ago - and what they’re doing now will turn into results not earlier than in a few quarters. But with leaders can concentrate on the future business by leading the causes - not the results.


How does work? is based on years of research, hundreds of case studies, and AI-tested models. It finds the relevant data from your organization simply by asking your people.

The basic concept is that every organization can be evaluated in four key metrics:

  • Capability - How well people’s skills are aligned with their responsibilities.
  • Efficiency - How different operations get done in the organizations.
  • Leadership - How the people in the organization are led.
  • Culture - How well company strategy is turned into action in the everyday life.

These are the foundation of making your results and your customers succeed. And improving any one of them has an effect on the whole organization - in a way that can be seen under the line. 

So, make data-driven leadership your competitive advantage. With you’ll understand your past, get a clear view of your present, and form a new perspective on the future.

With you can start now - and you can start free.


Markus Lehto

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