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For the ones whose job is to lead is for leaders that take responsibility for their leadership. It is used in organizations that are willing and able to use data in decision-making.

"I signed up and started exploring the platform and I have to say I'm impressed!"
Bert, USA
“I’ve recently signed up and had a look at your product. It seems like a nice tool to collect, analyze, and evaluate data to assist the performance management process.”
Hoang, Vietnam
“We've never had such a tool before.”
Kauko, Finland
“The data actually opened our eyes.”
Antti, Finland

Lead your company to the future with data

"As a CEO there's a lot on my table. provides a more data-based view and helps to move my agenda from today's business to future business."

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Timo Helosuo Kolster, CEO


SME leaders

For leaders that want to make the best possible decisions based on data. To make sure that strategic goals can be reached. To involve their people in the development process.

Board members

To see what's under the hood. How are directors and companies operating behind numbers? A looking glass to a company’s soul of operations and people.

Supply chains

How to ensure that your suppliers are capable of delivering the right goods at the right time and with quality. As operational KPIs show just results, how can you see behind those results? We can give you the tools to do that.

Financiers, VCs

How to make sure that your customers or portfolio is fundable, and what do they need to do to keep it that way in the future? As mostly you see only the back view mirror, now you can see the future needs too.

Large enterprises

To measure and compare your units across the globe. Find, learn, and scale the best practices. Make better decisions based on real-time data.

Lead the causes, not the results

"During the years we have put a lot of effort on data, but honestly, it has been more on the backward-looking data - like finance. changes this for the better!"

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Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi Tata Consultancy Services, Partner

EXPERIENCE FULL PRIORIT.IO! is a data-driven management SaaS tool. With data you turn business intelligence into intelligent business.