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We’re raising a Seed funding round of $1.5 million.

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"From founding the company to this moment we have delivered our product to the market, acquired a Global audience, and paid customers. Now we're ready to accelerate to a new level."


- Antti Suikkanen, CEO

The Problem

SMEs aren't growing. They lose out on investors, pro services & support, and top talents. Almost every leader understands the importance of data, but only less than 2% actually benefit from it in their leadership. This is mostly because of the lack of tools and knowledge.

  • 4/5 SMEs aren't growing after reaching $2M in revenue
  • 90% of the companies globally are SMEs
  • 98% of leaders want to be data-driven, but don't know how

The Solution is a SaaS tool that helps business leaders analyze, measure, monitor, and support sustainable growth with relevant data and get specific guidance to achieve it - while keeping people at the center.

  • 4% improved EBITDA after a year on average
  • 10x minimum ROI
  • 95% faster data gathering compared to traditional methods


  • Team
  • Advisors
Antti Suikkanen CEO

Accomplished leader with 15+ years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, and expert positions in the manufacturing industry. Employed 100+ people as an entrepreneur and CEO.

Jani Hautanen CTOTech enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in the substation industry and software development. Saved 100+ tech projects from failure to success.
Markus Lehto CGOCommunications professional with 10+ years of experience in SaaS-specified marketing and sales. Built a startup from zero to international exit.
Katariina Hannukainen UX/UI DesignerCreative designer with +5 years of experience in design lead. Elaborates users’ needs into user-friendly flows to deliver the best accessible user-centered systems.
Eemil Sonninen Jr. Product ManagerThe truth about the state of any company lies in every employee's experiences, not just management's. That's why is needed.
Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi Business advisorManaging partner at TATA Consultancy Services
Timo Helosuo Law & IPR advisorCEO at Kolster
Tom Miller Financial advisorHead of Business Development at TietoEvry

How Works?

Gain sustainable growth for Your capability, efficiency, culture, leadership, and eventually business.

priorit_product-image_front-face-slider1. Collect dataInvolve your talent and ask them what they think about their work right now.
priorit_product-image_front-face-inputmap2. AnalyzeFind out your company's current condition in factors that matter.
priorit_product-image_front-face-tasks3. Get a To-do listFind out what to do next in order to build a better business.
priorit_product-image_front-face-dashboard4. EvaluateFollow how your development process affects your business.

Competition & positioning

  • Measure and analyze operational company culture
  • Combine leading and lagging indicators
  • Show a holistic view of the company's condition based on a balanced scorecard
  • Offer a specific roadmap for sustainable growth
  • Bring enterprise-level data available to everyone

Perfect match for data-driven leaders

  • SME leaders to make the best possible decisions based on data
  • Board members to see what's under their company's hood
  • Supply chains to ensure that suppliers are capable of delivering at the right time, with quality
  • Financiers & VCs to make sure their customers or portfolio is fundable
  • Large enterprises to measure and compare their units across the Globe

Market Potential

Ideal Customer Profile

Growth-oriented C-level leader who has decided to lead based on data. Understands the personnel's role in the process.

SME's +$2M in revenue, +20 personnel


Most prominent markets*:

US, Nordics, Netherlands, Germany, and UK

*Market research, Palava Global, summer 2022

Further discussions?

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