Skip to content, leading with data is a SaaS tool for data-driven leaders.

With you measure leading not lagging indicators and can focus on leading your business to the future, instead of just managing the present challenges.

For the ones whose job is to lead

Great companies are made of strong cultures, communities, and teams where people love to work. Enabling this is what leadership is about - the right people finding themselves doing the right things.

Being a leader is a job. We at make organizations flourish by enabling better leadership. We innovate and renew old ways of leadership with data.


  • Access crucial data behind the financial numbers
  • Prioritize data into concrete actions
  • Onboard your whole team to the process
  • Monitor the impact you make together


  • Team
  • Board
Antti Suikkanen CEO

Accomplished leader with 15+ years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, and expert positions in the manufacturing industry. Employed 100+ people as an entrepreneur and CEO.

Jani Hautanen CTO Tech enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in the substation industry and software development. Saved 100+ tech projects from failure to success.
Aina Viuhkari Head of Design A big dreamer with a hands-on attitude. Experienced in visual communication design and art direction with a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.
Markus Lehto Head of PLG Communications professional with 10+ years of experience in SaaS-specified marketing and sales. Built a startup from zero to international exit.
Eemil Sonninen Jr. Product Manager The truth about the state of any company lies in every employee's experiences, not just management's. That's why is needed.
Recruiting next Back-end developer
Recruiting next UX Designer
Recruiting next Customer Success Manager
Jorma Sonninen Chairman
Timo Helosuo Board Member
Antti Hyyryläinen Board Member
Tom Miller Board Member
Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi Board Member
Anni Sonninen Board Member

"With leaders get better tools to develop their leadership. It actually helps to understand what being a modern leader is."


- Antti Suikkanen, CEO

Get to work for You

Follow these steps and will help you gain sustainable growth for Your culture, skills, motivation, and eventually business.

1. Sign in Start with creating your own account.
2. Collect data Involve your talent and ask them what they think about their work right now.
3. Analyze Find out your company's current condition in factors that matter.
4. Get a To-do list Find out what to do next in order to build a better business.
5. See the numbers The finances are an easy way to evaluate the process.
6. Evaluate Follow how your development process affects your business.

Market Potential

Ideal Customer Profile

Growth-oriented C-level leader who has decided to lead based on data. Understands the personnel's role in the process.

SME's +$2M in revenue, +20 personnel


Most prominent markets*:

US, Nordics, Netherlands, Germany, and UK

*Market research, Palava Global, summer 2022

Perfect match for data-driven leaders

...SME leaders that want to make the best possible decisions based on data. 

...board members who want to see what's under their company's hood. chains that want to ensure that suppliers are capable of delivering at the right time and with quality. 

...financiers & VCs who want to make sure that their customers or portfolio is fundable. 

...large enterprises to measure and compare their units across the globe. 

  • SME leaders to make the best possible decisions based on data
  • Board members to see what's under their company's hood
  • Supply chains to ensure that suppliers are capable of delivering at the right time, with quality
  • Financiers & VCs to make sure their customers or portfolio is fundable
  • Large enterprises to measure and compare their units across the Globe

Business Models


  • Freemium
  • SaaS
  • Subscription based
  • Low/no-touch sales
  • Data driven


  • Consultants and local partners
  • AR/VR development
  • Human-on-demand options
  • APIs to other technologies


  • Data collecting and processing
  • Forecasting sustainable growth patterns
  • the most valuable asset in the long term
Key milestone:


In the long run, the data business is going to be’s most valuable asset. 

Forecasting sustainable growth patterns and successful methods can change the economic growth of SMEs. We can offer truly unique data explaining the causes behind the outcome.