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Data for next-level leaders is a SaaS tool for data-driven leaders. Start now and be the change in your organization!

Measure, analyze, and take action! is a SaaS tool for data-driven leadership. It is a tool for business leaders to measure, analyze, monitor, and understand critical business data. In other words - to read leading, not lagging indicators. helps to assess companies’ potential for sustainable growth with specific guidance to achieve it - while having the people in the center. is based on research and AI-proven results

   Access crucial data behind the numbers
   Prioritize data into concrete actions
   Onboard Your whole team to the process
   Monitor the impact you make together

"We've never had such a tool before"

“ is an ideal tool for us at Tana to evaluate the condition of suppliers or partners. And doing it in a standard way makes it very easy to compare companies to one another with the data."
– K. Kinnunen, Tana

How it works

Follow these steps and will help you gain sustainable growth for Your culture, skills, motivation, and eventually business.
1. Sign in
Start with creating your own account.
2. Collect data
Involve your talent and ask them what they think about their work right now.
3. Analyze
Find out your company's current condition in factors that matter.
4. Get a To-do list
Find out what to do next in order to build a better business.
5. See the numbers
The finances are an easy way to evaluate the process.
6. Evaluate
Follow how your development process affects your business.

Be the change!

With data you turn business intelligence into intelligent business.