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Antti Suikkanen

One of the biggest lessons in life I've learned is that being a leader is a job. That's why I'm dedicated to helping leaders succeed in their job by finding critical data about their businesses with digital tools.

Blog Post by Antti Suikkanen

Antti SuikkanenDec 12, 2023 4:41:36 PM3 min read

Few words about strategy

The strategy should be the guiding force of organizational leadership to direct the daily ...
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Antti SuikkanenJun 20, 2023 10:57:14 AM< 1 min read

Podcast (in Finnish): SaaS-startupin onnistunut aloitus. CEO Antti Suikkanen vieraana Loyalisticin Podcastissa. Antti Pietilä, mm. SaaS ...
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Antti SuikkanenApr 28, 2023 2:15:56 PM< 1 min read

Podcast: Data-driven leadership - the importance of KPIs and metrics CEO Antti Suikkanen, and Cristian Dina are discussing how to measure, analyze, ...
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Antti SuikkanenApr 26, 2023 10:43:30 AM3 min read

Being data-driven is all about people

In today's business, data-driven leadership has become increasingly important. Gone are ...
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Antti SuikkanenMar 22, 2023 9:44:43 AM3 min read

How to start as a CEO?

Starting as the CEO of a company is an exciting and challenging experience. The first 100 ...
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Antti SuikkanenMar 7, 2023 1:32:00 PM< 1 min read

Podcast: How to get started with PLG

Join CEO Antti Suikkanen, and Reditus CEO Joran Hofman in discussing about PLG ...
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Antti SuikkanenJan 25, 2023 4:04:50 PM2 min read

Why is it so Hard to Stick to the Basics?

Many leaders tend to focus more on the fancy stuff than the basics. But sticking to the ...
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Antti SuikkanenJan 12, 2023 11:08:00 AM1 min read

The Importance of Transparency and Honesty in Global Business

Companies that are open about their operations can build trust with their stakeholders, ...
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Antti SuikkanenJan 9, 2023 9:55:10 AM2 min read

Why Employee Voice in Development Matters

As a business leader, it's crucial to understand your employees' feelings. After all, ...
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Antti SuikkanenJan 2, 2023 10:44:46 AM2 min read

How AI Can Help Future Leaders

AI can be a powerful tool for helping leaders make better decisions by providing insights ...
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