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Sari SonninenNov 28, 2022 3:11:37 PM2 min read

Motivation is the Key to Make the Impossible Possible

In my work as a wellness coach, I have seen many times how big of an impact motivation has on the results a person achieves. For those who have found their inner motivation, even an impossible goal turns into an interesting challenge. The mindset of "I will never succeed" changes to "I will find a way”.

Often inner motivation requires letting go of external compulsions. To refuse to do things in a certain way just because someone has defined it as the only right way. Or from doing things the same way over and over again hoping that the results would improve.


A sense of ability, sufficient autonomy, and a sense of community is needed for the emergence of internal motivation.


A person achieves the most when she has to make a proper effort to reach her goals. The goal shouldn’t be too big or too high, but even a huge goal can be broken down into smaller intermediate goals. A realistic and achievable goal strengthens one’s faith in her resources.


Autonomy is freedom

We all need a feeling of autonomy. That means sufficient freedom to choose the means and methods of the operations we see ourselves the best to achieve our goals. A way that feels pleasant for oneself leads more certainly to the desired results. But we also need the feeling that we are not alone.


When we know that help and support are available when needed, we dare to try new things with more courage.


There is always someone having our back and catching us if we fall - that strengthens the faith in success.

It is wise to think about the obstacles you may encounter on the way in advance. When the action model is already planned in the mind, it is easier to act and overcome challenges when problems arise.


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At least as important as reaching your goals is the journey itself. You’ll learn much more about yourself when you learn to stop and observe your actions. Stopping at the edge of success strengthens faith in one's resources and reaching the finish line. Then the small setbacks won't discourage you too much. After a setback, the most important thing is to take two steps forward and stay on the right path. When you have solved the challenge and been able to continue the journey, you’ll feel like a champion.


Make the change your habit

When you have continued to inculcate a new habit long enough, you will know when it has become a routine that you no longer need to remind yourself about. You will notice that you act differently by nature. To start something small enough and grow it with moderation is more likely to lead to something permanent.


If the challenge is too big to achieve, you will likely hit a wall at some point soon.


The more you try the same thing and then give up, the more you’ll lose your faith in success. If too many things feel like you have to force yourself to do them, it's a good time to wake yourself up.

Find a goal that is important to you and shrink it down. Think about how you want to achieve it, which is right for you. Think about the support you’ll need on the journey and where you can find it. Ready, steady go - start making the impossible possible!


Sari Sonninen

Sari's passion is to help when strengthening one's professional ability or developing competence to meet the requirements of the work is needed. When people find their inner motivation and courage to take action, great things start to happen.