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Last modified 14th October 2022


1. General

By completing the registration form with your company information and personal contact details on the website and by submitting the form you agree on behalf of your company to be bound by these terms as well as the terms of Privacy Policy referred to in these terms. The account form together with these terms forms a binding agreement between your company and Redlainer Oy regarding Your access to and use of the Service.

The Service is provided by Redlainer Oy, a Finnish limited liability company. Contact details can be found below in Section 8 “Contact details” as well as on our website The Service is meant for analyzing the performance of businesses, assisting in data-driven management, and is offered solely to legal entities for their own use in analyzing their own business.

With regards to payments for the Service, the payment transfer and related services are performed by Stripe and all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country are accepted.


2. Definitions

2.1 ”Cookies” are small files placed onto Your device that enable certain features and functionality of our Service. Any browser visiting our sites may receive cookies from us or cookies from third parties such as our customers, partners, or service providers. We or third parties may also place cookies in Your browser when You visit sites outside of our Service that displays ads or hosts our plugins.

2.2 “Service” shall mean the service offered with a SaaS model through the website The Service is meant for analysing the performance and state of companies using proprietary methods and algorithms and to provide the Customers with insights into developing their business and activities to enhance data-driven management of companies. The features of the Service may develop from time to time and features and/or parts of the service may be added and removed by Redlainer Oy. Additionally, the Customer may purchase various levels of subscriptions to the Service and the features, as well as prices, vary from one subscription to another. The subscription options are described at The Users also have choices provided within the Service regarding which features they wish to use, and which features they do not wish to use.

2.3 “Personal Data” shall mean any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

2.4 “User” shall mean a natural person using the Service as an employee of the Customer based on the Customer’s subscription to the Service.

2.5 “Customer” shall mean any company or other legal entity registered as a user of the Service who has completed and submitted the registration form required to get access to the Service on the website


3. Use of the service

3.1 Users of the Service are required to be at least 15 years of age. Users are natural persons working for the Customer that is registered as the main user and is a party to this Agreement generated through registration into the Service and acceptance of these terms. Any person creating an account into the Service on behalf of the Customer must ensure that he/she has proper authorization to make binding agreements regarding paid online services on behalf of said Customer. Additionally, all users must pay for the Service in accordance with the fees notified in connection with the purchases and as shown at The Service may offer different subscription schemes such as limited free version, monthly or yearly fees and additional fees apply for different level subscriptions. Failure to pay the applicable fee will lead to termination of the Service. Terms regarding transfer of payments shall be as stated by the relevant service provider in connection with the making of the payment or as otherwise referred to on the website Please note that strong user identification using banking codes, credit card details, and/or mobile ID may be required when making online payments and/or making commitments on behalf of the Customer.

3.2 When registering to the Service the User acting on behalf of the Customer is required to create a username and password for the Customer. Furthermore, each User within the Customer company must create their own personal username and password (note that the number of Users for the Customer may be limited depending on the subscription). Said username and password are personal and the Customer agrees to handle the username and password in a safe manner and not to disclose them to any third party and ensure that all Users within the Customer company do the same. Additionally, the Customer sees to it that all Users agree to not allow any third party to use the Customer’s or any User’s account on their behalf.

3.3 The Customer agrees to use the Service in accordance with these terms at all times. In using the Service, the Customer agrees to conduct in good faith and in accordance with good manners and sees to it that all the Customer company’s Users do the same. The use of the Service and the agreement between the Customer and Redlainer Oy may also be terminated due to any breach of these terms by the Customer or by any Customer’s User as further stated under Section 7 below.

3.4 Rest of the user information, e.g. address, is retrieved using an external service and is stored in our databases.

3.5 The Service may now or in the future offer features where Users can post content to the Service so that it is visible to other Users of the Service. Should the Customer of any of the Customer company’s User choose to post content on the Service, the Customer must ensure that it and any User of the Customer company have appropriate rights to post such content and where needed appropriate licenses from the rights holder(s) of such content.

In particular, the following is strictly prohibited when using the Service:

  • Publishing any reports or analyses generated by the Service of the Customer company, publishing screenshots, or other information regarding the Service, unless You have obtained the prior written consent of Redlainer Oy.
  • Uploading, posting, or otherwise inserting malware, software viruses, or other similar malicious code or content on the Service.
  • Attempting to unlawfully access the Service, Personal Data, or accounts of other Users.
  • Any action or behavior that is not legal.
  • Providing fraudulent, false, or misleading information about Yourself or of others.
  • Infringing intellectual property rights of Redlainer Oy or of others.


4. Personal data and privacy

4.1 Redlainer Oy collects Personal Data from Users when the Customer is registered to use the Service as well as in connection with setting up Users’ personal passwords and usernames. In connection with registering, you will be asked to fill in the identification details regarding the Customer, and the Customer’s representative’s name, e-mail address, and phone number. Additionally, payment information (company credit card) will need to be filled in for the Customer.  Redlainer Oy always abides by applicable Personal Data legislation when collecting Personal Data and when storing and processing Personal Data. The Personal Data collecting, storing, and processing is based on Your consent, the fulfillment of this Agreement, and handling of the customer relationship between You and Redlainer Oy. Please read specific information on Personal Data from our Privacy Policy found at

4.2 Redlainer Oy processes Users’ Personal Data for the purposes of providing the Service in accordance with this Agreement between the Customer and Redlainer Oy and especially in order to manage User access and related security and possible support and maintenance of the Service for Users. The processing of Personal Data is required in order to provide the Service, however, the collected and processed Personal Data is quite minimal limited to only name and email. Redlainer believes in being transparent with regards to Personal Data processing and giving control to the Users over the use of their Personal Data. Please familiarize Yourself with our Privacy Policy for further details with regards collection and processing of Personal Data in relation to the Service as well as Your rights with regards to Your Personal Data.

4.3 Additionally, the Customer may process certain personal data within the Service for example in connection with personnel surveys or the like), in which case Redlainer Oy acts as Data Processor and only processes Data on behalf of the Customer and solely to the extent necessary to provide the Service (e.g. server space and related data storing). By default, Redlainer Oy does not have or need access to Personal Data in such situations, but said data may be stored on servers provided by Redlainer Oy for the Service.

4.4 With regards to Cookies, you will be prompted to choose one of several Cookie options each time you visit our website and access the Service. Mandatory Cookies are due to making of credit card payments and the use of a third-party service provider to operate payments. The Service uses HubSpot content management system (CMS) service to manage the Service website and related content. Due to said service HubSpot has access to certain data and Personal data to the extent need to operate the Service and provide relevant marketing information and customer contact regarding the Service. Please visit for details on the relevant service provider’s policies. Cookies are not asked each time. The setting is remembered.


5. Intellectual property rights PERTAINING TO THE SERVICE AND COMPANY DATA

5. The Service as well as any content generated by Redlainer Oy into the Service and related Intellectual Property Rights belong exclusively to Redlainer Oy or third parties. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, sell, lease, rent, distribute, or otherwise utilize or display the Service, content obtained through the Service or parts of the Service, or said content in any other way than what has been expressly allowed in these terms. All content obtained through the Service including reports and analyses is meant solely for the Customer’s own business development and intra-company use.

5.2 In addition to copyright, the Service name as well as certain graphical elements are protected by trademark and design rights owned by Redlainer Oy.

5.3 The Service is meant for analyzing the performance and state of companies using proprietary methods and algorithms. The Service requires The Customer to feed in certain information and metrics regarding the Customer into the Service and the Service also automatically retrieves financial data regarding the Customer from Dun & Bradstreet through an API. The Customer hereby agrees that Redlainer Oy shall have the right to use the company data in order to develop the Service as well as to analyse, compare and enhance the data for the purposes of the business of Redlainer Oy and for example to generate regional analyses of certain types of companies and to make comparisons between companies and related reports and insights. Redlainer shall also have the right to disclose, sell, and otherwise covey the company data and any analysis, enhancements, reports, insights, and the like to third parties as Redlainer sees fit. Redlainer Oy shall, however, see to it that no individual companies are recognizable from the data or analyses used and furthermore, no Personal Data shall be included in such data.

5.4 In case you are the rights holder to some content made available on the Service, and you have not given authorization to said utilization of your content that is protected under any Intellectual Property Right, please contact with appropriate details of your rights and the relevant content and we will review the situation and take appropriate action.


6. Liability

6.1 Redlainer Oy is doing its best to ensure that the Service is useful and provides the Customer and Users with an excellent user experience and relevant content, however, the Service is provided “AS IS” and Redlainer Oy does not take liability for reports generated through the use of the Service or any actions taken based on said reports by the Customer. Furthermore, Redlainer shall not be liable for any loss of data, loss of business opportunities, loss of profits, or business interruption or for any other indirect damages or consequential loss.

6.2 The availability of the Service is dependent on several aspects that are not in the control of Redlainer Oy, and the Customer acknowledges and agrees that downtime may occur unnoticed. There may also be pre-announced service breaks for performing maintenance and/or updates of the Service. Furthermore, a functioning internet connection is required in order to use and access the Service and Redlainer Oy does not in any way take liability for internet connection services or the like provided by third parties.

6.3 The Customer is solely liable for any information and content that the Customer posts, uploads, or otherwise inserts into the Service and the Customer and any User acting on behalf of the Customer must ensure that the information provided is correct and that the Customer and any User has proper rights and/or permission(s) to such information or content.

6.4 In any case, the liability of Redlainer Oy shall be limited to direct damages caused by Redlainer Oy. Under no circumstance shall Redlainer Oy be liable for any indirect damages or consequential losses however caused.

6.5 Contact


7. Term and Termination

7.1 The agreement between the Customer and Redlainer Oy shall become effective once the Customer (through an authorized person) has submitted the registration form on the website and accepted these terms. Once the Customer has registered there will be a free subscription with limited functionality activated until further notice unless the Customer has purchased a fixed term subscription in which case the agreement shall be in force until the end of the fixed term, unless renewed by the Customer.

7.2 The Customer shall have the right, at any time, to discontinue the use of the Service and to terminate this Agreement. In such a case, please contact The termination takes effect from the beginning of the next period for which payment would be due in accordance with the current subscription of the Customer. Payments already made shall not be refunded. In cases of free limited functionality subscriptions, they shall terminate within seven (7) days from the notice.

7.3 Redlainer shall have the right, at any time, with or without notice to terminate the agreement and the Customer’s (as well as all the Customer’s Users’) access to the Service in case the Customer or any of the Customer’s Users breach any of the terms of the agreement between the Customer and Redliner Oy. Furthermore, Redliner Oy shall have the right at any time to discontinue to provide the Service and/or certain feature(s) of the Service, and Redlainer Oy shall not have any liability for such discontinuation.

7.4 Should Redlainer Oy discontinue the Service, the agreement between the Customer and Redlainer Oy shall automatically terminate.


8. Contact details and notices

8.1 In case you have questions, issues, feedback or the like please be in contact with Redlainer Oy at the e-mail address:

8.2 In case you wish to report an issue with regards to intellectual property of the Service or content on the Service please contact with all appropriate details.

8.3 In case you have questions or other issues regarding privacy or personal data, please contact


9. Changes to the agreement or policies

9.1 Redlainer Oy reserves the right to make changes to these terms and its policies from time to time. Redlainer Oy will, however, notify the Customer of any substantial changes and briefly explain the change and why it has been made. Primarily the changes made are due to changes made in the Service such as providing new functionalities, features, and/or changes in relevant legislation or the like situations.


10. Disputes and applicable law

These terms and the agreement between You and Redlainer Oy are governed by and construed under Finnish Law without applying its rules on choice of laws. All disputes arising between the Customer and Redlainer Oy regarding the Service and/or these terms are settled amicably in negotiations between the Customer and Redlainer Oy. Should such negotiations fail within a period of 14 days from written notice identifying the topic of the dispute, the disputes shall be settled in the District Court of Helsinki, Finland, unless mandatory applicable law provides for another venue.